Sleeper Set Sail

Album Title: Eyes Just Like Forest Fires
Release Date: June 7, 2005
Genre: Rock
The two-minute intro on "Celeste" is enough to tell that Sleeper Set Sail are about more than appealing to masses of adoring females through inane lyrics about heartbreak and hardships. Not quite a concept album but with the general idea in mine, the St. Catharines four-piece have created a musical journey with their debut. Differing from many guitar rock albums in that the main focus is on the overall sound above any one element, Eyes Just Like Forest Fires relies on the interplay between leading percussion, duelling guitars, and drifting vocals. Coming with more musicality than contemporaries like Alexisonfire and Billy Talent, SSS still have that hard edge that appeals so widely. The two interludes included on the record help to balance the album, mellow and calming snippets of time. "The Woods On Fire" is one of the best tracks, its choppy piano and vivid imagery bringing a new, needed dimension to the typical youth-rock love song. While Eyes is a glorious debut, it's not unfounded to expect even bigger and better things from these boys in the future.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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