Neil Leyton

Album Title: Beat
Release Date: January 2005
Genre: Rock
Sticking his finger in more than one pot for quite some time now, Neil Leyton comes with the many titles of singer/songwriter, musician, producer, and record label owner. Busy as he must be, the former singer for Toronto indie mainstays Conscience Pilate still had the time to pour his heart and soul into his latest solo studio effort, Beat. Featuring just five songs but a whole lot of emotion, the record showcases Leyton's nearly falsetto vocals stretching to their limits in a rather impressive way. A pounding bass intro kicks off "Shake", the best track on the EP, which finds Leyton at his both his vocally and instrumentally best (he plays the geetar). As long as Leyton can keep his busy schedule up, there's no reason he shouldn't continue to include music in the mix.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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