Album Title: Some Cities
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Brit Rock
With a North American fall tour quickly approaching, Doves are coming soon to a city near you. The title track "Some Cities" discusses the chaos that occurs throughout the world, and the effects of war, whether visual or mental. The CD art is a visual representation of how things appear to be so black and white and unchanging in societies ever evolving de-evolutionary methods. It beckons "War of the Worlds" and Orson Wells imagery, only we're not fighting aliens we're fighting the structure our fellow man has created. I was watching a documentary called "The Corporation" the other day, and coincidentally I track striking similarities with Doves "Some Cities" and the film. Artists and activists alike are beginning to realize that society is one body, and we need to start fixing what other people have undone before "too much history [comes] down". Coldplay are another UK band that have ever embraced the political agenda of the activist, and I think it's about time Doves and others get involved in feeding us this musical intelligence, because as it appears many of us have been kept in the dark with too much advertising to know what the way, the truth, and the light as one body is capable of replenishing on earth.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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