Ginny Owens

Album Title: Live From New Orleans
Release Date:
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
The latest creation from Ginny Owens is Live From New Orleans. Owens lends her smoky Mississippi voice to some excellent blues and jazz tunes recorded at the legendary House of Blues.

If you are looking for that brash and brassy jazz sound you won't find it here. Owens brings a much more gentle and subtle approach to her music much the same as Norah Jones. Her skills as a pianist serve as a good accompaniment for her beautiful voice. Owens once again demonstrates her excellence as a songwriter penning thoughtful lyrics whereas many in the blues / jazz genres are content to settle for mundane words that often seem like an afterthought to their instrumentals.

Will Sayles on drums, Brad Lions on guitar and Tony Lucido on bass combine with Owens on piano to give you that sleepy bayou lounge appeal that is so often missing when you try and transpose this type of music to a recording.

The spoken interlude between track two Free and previously recorded Call Me Beautiful, the third track, demonstrate just how far Ginny Owens has come in her still young career. Remembering that this CD was recorded live Owens no longer demonstrates the nervousness that was so present earlier in her career. She talks about a harsh review of the song Call Me Beautiful from her CD Beautiful and in bygone years would have retreated into her insecurities. Today she tackles the criticism head on and turns it into a positive, recreating a splendid song.

I Love The Way, a nice easy jazz song highlights the percussion skills of Sayles and keyboarding talent of Owens. Tony Lucido provides backup vocals on this song.

There are not any bad tracks on this CD but there is one song that leaves you wanting more. Owens sings a cover of the Lenny Kravitz song Let Love Rule and it hints at her breaking loose with something a little edgier. This reviewer would like to see Owens take a stab at singing a similar tune with a little more edge in the future. She is still stretching as an artist and uncovering more of that great talent, so Ginny on your next CD tease us with one or two blues songs that have some edge.

Writer: Joe Montague

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