Magnolia Electric Co.

Album Title: What Comes After The Blues
Release Date: April 5, 2005
Genre: Folk Rock
As the title of Magnolia Electric Co.'s studio debut might suggest, lead man Jason Molina is a pro at making introspective mope folk. With a tinge of Neil Young lingering in his vocals, Molina and his band start out What Comes After The Blues with the relatively uptempo "The Dark Don't Hide It", eventually winding down to the song's polar opposite in both title and sound, "I Can Not Have Seen The Light". Everything in-between the two tracks sits somewhere in the middle - between happy and sad, frantic and sluggish - with an acoustic guitar and mournful female back-up vox not far behind. It was wise for Magnolia Electric Co. to go ahead and release a live album before What Comes After The Blues and wait until spring to unleash their studio debut, because this is an album perfect for the transition between winter and summer; it mourns for the bittersweet comfort left behind, but ultimately comes with a backwards tinge of hope(?), found in the trumpet on "Leave The City" or the forced realizations in "Northstar Blues". Repeated spins will only bring more love for What Comes After, while leaving the listener increasingly confused as to exactly what really does come after the blues. Is it more blues? Happiness? The green bug of jealously? Someone must know!

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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