The Valley Arena

Album Title: Take Comfort In Strangers
Release Date: May 10, 2005
Genre: Rock
They come from the land of SoCal and liposuction, that mythical land known as The O.C., and while Seth & Ryan hung out at The Bait Shop, The Valley Arena spent the last two years chipping away at Take Comfort In Strangers. Rocking harder than the indie tag they're stuck with would seem to imply, the four-piece are heavy on the bass and quick fingered on the angular guitar strings. Almost settling into Hot Hot Heat territory with the oddly angsty "Piano Wire", The Valley Arena bounce around from sub-genre to sub-genre on their debut. When the monotone vocals of Warren Woodward threaten to run into a drone, a song like "What We Can Steal" sneaks in, bringing another Shins-like dimension to the band's danceable rock. Not exactly the sun-drenched surfers one might except to hail from Long Beach, The Valley Arena would probably fit in better with the cynics found on the East Coast, especially with song titles like "For The Bitter Amputee".

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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