Album Title: Peacing It Together
Release Date:
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Music teacher by day, piano playing jazz artist by night, it's quite clear that music is Schroeder's life (even though he married his high school sweetheart in stead of making it big). Hailing from the Ottawa Valley, and named after a Peanuts cartoon character (the one that plays the tiny piano, y'know), Peacing It Together is the first album this Schroeder has released. Schroeder obviously has mad skillz at the piano bench, but he possesses a secret weapon that so many proficient key-bangers lack: a good voice. Yes, Schroeder has a good voice. A great voice even - one with character, and depth, one that can match the stride of the piano, instead of lacking sadly behind it, wheezing and puffing in quiet desperation. Just check out "Drop (A Letter To God)" if you're not convinced. Mellow, flowing, soft rock with piano solos galore, Peacing It Together is a "serious singer/songwriter" album, but it doesn't take itself too seriously either. Muy importante.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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