Chet DelCampo

Album Title: Apartment Songs
Release Date:
Genre: Pop/Rock
The title of Chet DelCampo's second full-length makes it sound like it's only good for playing in elevators and at the private functions of middle-aged WASPs. This is completely not the case. Brilliant brilliancy, DelCampo manages to sound like the Polyphonic Spree minus the 25 other members, capture Elliot Smith's vocals, play on the ambient sounds of Moby at his best, reincarnate The Jesus and Mary Chain, and throw in some of those classy jazz runs the kids are so fond of these days. It may sound like an ugly, twisted sort of Frankenstein, but Apartment Songs is anything but. Next to DelCampo's borderline Cohen/Dylan vocals, the piano is the focal point of Apartment Songs. Never pushing to the forefront, the delicate drop of keys can almost always be heard lurking in the back, supporting guitars, and strings, and lap steels, and the "wah wah fuzz horn". Graceful, smooth, and oh-so-debonair, the 12-songs found on the album know they're too cool for proverbial school, but in light of staying cool, play it cool. Unlike that last sentence.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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