Drayton Michaels

Album Title: Low Stress In The Deep End
Release Date: April 2005
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
If Drayton Michaels just consented to drop his voice down an octave when he sings then there would most certainly be more baby bunnies and lambs born each year. When he's not trying to reach the vocal heights of Mariah Carey -who is a female-, Michaels -who is a male-, sounds infinitely better (translation: it doesn't feel like your ears are being scrapped out with rusty nails). Don't get it wrong; there are people who would most certainly enjoy Michaels' voice, those same people who really, really, really like Wide Mouth Mason and JJ72, more so than this humble scribe. Past his overambitious singing, Michaels' debut Low Stress In The Deep End is actually quite enjoyable, provided that it's taken in bite-sized doses. Tracks like "At Least", with its pounding groove, "Thievery", complete with delicious guitar hook, and the lovely "I'm Not Waiting", with it's twee-pop feel, are proof that Michaels' is headed in the right direction. When prepared for it, Low Stress In The Deep End is an ace album for listening to on a late night car ride, or simply semi-chillaxin'.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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