Steve Earle

Album Title: The Revolution Starts...Now
Release Date: August 24, 2004
Genre: Country/Rock
One of the last remaining original rebel cowboys, Steve Earle holds his title well with his 2004 protest album The Revolution StartsÖNow. Being an American, in a decidedly so way, Earle's protestation comes from the major source of all other protestations of this decade: George W. Bush. Recorded before Bush had won his second term in office, it's a crying shame that more people didn't hear The Revolution in place of Rock Against Bush, Vol. 435, because it's 800x more convincing. Earle is one of the last people on Earth to mess with, and the force with which he created The Revolution is a testament to that.

This is rebel country, and much like an outlaw, it has no true home. With help from his band The Dukes, and one Ms. Emmylou Harris, Earle packs more punk into this album than all of the Rock Against Bush albums combined. His voice is gruffer than ever, and even though the revolution never got started, the album prowls with outstanding belief that change is the only answer. The sole misstep on the record is the brutal "Condi, Condi", a weird, slightly creepy love song. However, delete that track from the playlist, add a few more turns of the title-track, and it becomes increasingly easy to see that Jesse James still walks among us.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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