Album Title: Better Day
Release Date:
Genre: Pop
Comprised of one American, one Trinidadian, and two Canadians, Vancouver-based pop band Lotus waited six years before releasing Better Day, their debut album. Obviously content enough with their home-grown success to play coffeehouses around British Columbia for half a decade before putting their sound to wax, Lotus' intentions for their CD (and the follow-up they're currently recording) are probably quite modest compared to all those hard to beat teenage dreams floating around out there. If that is the case (and there's absolutely no proof that it is), then Lotus-leader Feona Lim can go ahead and set her sights higher. Better than 70% of the pap currently being played on Adult Contemporary stations, the weight of Better Days floats easily on the strength and clarity of Lim's pitch-perfect vocals. Inoffensive and easy listenin', the 10 songs found on the record would fit flawlessly in between the latest Bryan Adams and Shaye's similar sounding Bridge.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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