Kelly Robinson

Album Title: My Foolish Heart
Release Date: April 17, 2005
Genre: Pop
Why is it that every person who masters the piano thinks that automatically means they can sing? There seems to be an overwhelming surplus of these jazz-inspired musical fledglings, and there's only a certain amount of half-hearted crooning a person can take. Nothing is outwardly awful about Kelly Robinson's debut, My Foolish Heart, but there's nothing sweepingly good about it either. The one thing worse than being atrociously untalented is being perfectly mediocre, which really only amounts to banality. Not to harp on Robinson (who could certainly make decent music if she made a change, and took the chance of reaching outside the norm), but her voice isn't strong enough for the type of jazz pop she's trying to do, and - to reiterate, again - it's all been done before. Diana Krall is already that almighty all-ruling High Queen of that land. However, the song "Amsterdam" should be given a fair chance, mainly because it features some nice vocal overdubbing, and most importantly, draws upon the increasingly rare jazz flute. That's right, jazz flute.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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