Album Title: Here's Your Ghost
Release Date: March 19, 2005
Genre: Pop Rock
It's been just over a year since synth-pop trio Falconhawk released their debut album Hot Mouth, and already they're back for another round with Here's Your Ghost. Completely devoid of guitars, but more laid-back than most keyboard driven rock tends to be, the music Falconhawk creates is current with today's fickle new New Wave trend, but carves its own unique hollow as well. Songwriter/keyboardist/lead singer Kara Keith has some of the smoothest, smokiest vocals this side of Liz Phair, and the band pulls out heavy, sometimes frantic, beats that offset the organic feel she lays down. The two best tracks found on Here's Your Ghost close out the album: "Oxygen" finds Keith's voice at its deepest and densest, while "Transparent" dodges electro-pop, opting for the use of traditional piano and strings. It all leaves the listener with a hankering for more of the unidentifiable mix Falconhawk is dishing outÖand if that isn't enough, the awkwardly beautiful cover art for Here's Your Ghost will certainly get the artistic indie juices flowing.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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