Album Title: Nu
Release Date: January 17, 2005
Genre: Rock
We can only speculate that Edie is the mysterious bubbleface on the cover of this CD. She peaks out from behind protuberances with a steely glaze that could peel paint. And then there's the music. Sounding a lot like early Sinead O'Connor, Sarah McLachlan and to a lesser degree, a more legible Cocteau Twins, Edie's nu album New÷or make that, her new album Nu is a perilous trip on the drama queen tilt. Edie yearns on tracks like "Ready and Whole" but that's really the exception to the rule. Most of these songs are slowly crafted laments to something or other with Edie waxing about her feelings in a not-so-subtle manner. "Ready and Whole", "Bolayasong", "Make Up Mine"÷take your pick really. This artist has something to say and she's going to do so in a quasi-operatic fashion. When you consider that this album was recorded in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Amsterdam, you realize that Edie must've suitcase her grief across the globe and back again. All to suffer for her art. What a trooper.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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