The Nein

Album Title: Wrath of Circuits
Release Date: May 17, 2005
Genre: Indie Rock
There is something slightly bent about Wrath of Circuits, the debut long player from North Carolina's The Nein. Featuring lots of crooked guitar parts and stupidly simple drum fills, The Nein's music just takes sinister turn after sinister turn, making it a very uneasy listen for the listener. Doubt the members of The Nein care because it seems careful effort was made to lay on the abrasion and it's these attempts to repel that somehow make Wrath of Circuits such an engaging listen. "Faint Sounds" and "Foreign Friendster" are ribbed with lots of very weird sounding guitars and tons of sound samples that manage to effectively crook any rhythm that might be trying to peek through. Ditto for "The Vibe" which features some very inhuman underwater effects plus a busload of bloops and beeps. No, this definitely isn't electronic music by any stretch but by the same token, you'd be hard pressed to consider The Nein a full-on guitar band. This is due to the patch that they use their respective axes as a mere foundation for their billowing mad scientists matches, turning their songs inside out and committing to tape. In fact, I'd like to tell The Nein to go to hell, citing their lack of respect for convention and more importantly, rock 'n' roll history. Yet I find myself listening to this CD over and over, peeling back the subtext to reveal a twisted mass of disease posing as (gasp) indie rock.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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