Seth Swirsky

Album Title: Instant Pleasure
Release Date: September 23, 2004
Genre: Rock
Seth Swirsky's new album Instant Pleasure is a ten-pack of insipid MOR singer/songwriter bunk. Honestly, it's no picnic slamming some unknown trying to work his way up that magical musical ladder in the sky but finding anything redeeming to say about this album has been a bother. Swirsky sounds a bit like Elliot Smith but unfortunately, he doesn't have Smith's songwriting talentÖnor his wound, which is a good thing, I suppose. Production wise, Instant Pleasure is impressiveónice crisp low ends and crystal-clear vocals. However, the arrangements get a bit wonky at times, especially on tracks like "Instant Pleasure" and "Roger" that features annoying textured fills and flimsy vocal effects. The best track is the lulling "It's Always The Same" but really, there seems to be a bit too much overlap between these songs in terms of themes, song structures, etc. Swirsky needs to put away his Pete Yorn and Shawn Mullins albums, and seek out a sound to call his own. Beneath all the tripe, I think there's some talent there..hopefully Seth just needs a few more albums to find his sea legs.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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