Album Title: Slow Fade or: How I Learned to Question Infinity
Release Date: March 22, 2005
Genre: Rock
With a name like Choke, you know the music is bound to be heavy, ballsy, and possible brutal. Sure enough, it is but it's also melodic, catchy, intelligent, thoughtful and somewhat garlicky. Choke have been turfing soils in their native Edmonton for close to 10 years and are finally starting to find their anguish drones in line with what the kids are listening to today. Not obvious enough to be called emo, Choke are probably a hard rock band at heart and their sixth album Slow Fade: How I Learned to Question Infinity is a solid effort all around. Vocalist Jack Jaggard tends to overindulge with his shouts but somehow, it doesn't come off as sissy÷and there's nothing worse than sissy. He belts out tracks with names like "Until Next Tide" and "Static Remains" with confidence accrued from his backers' chunky riffs and meaty tempos. To cut to the chase, this is definitely music that's going to appeal to grass-fed teenage boys with a lot of pent up aggression and reasonably well-stocked bank accounts. And that's OK. Choke make music that sounds authentic and hopefully appeals to an authentic audience.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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