Nic Oliverio

Album Title: Half-Price Alibis
Release Date: March 15, 2005
Genre: Rock
If one committed the cardinal sin of judging a book (or CD) by its cover, you might suppose that Half-Price Alibis, the debut EP from Kitchener-by-way-of-Argentina songwriter Nic Oliverio, sounds like Billy Joel or perhaps Taco. It's thatÖdistinctiveóall 1980's badness with distinctively snappy glasses logo et all. But no, Oliverio is actually an acoustic troubadour with a finger on the pick and designs on your heartstrings. Half-Price Alibis features a mere four songs but they're well played, well thought out and well, recorded. Oliverio uses a plain speak delivery to give tracks like "Last of the Drivel" and "Trains and Peculiar Things" a level of immediacy that should endear most listeners. And "El Color De Su Amor" is sung entirely in Spanish, giving it an exotic hue that is at very least, a slice. Of course, the serious dearth of percussion is something of a hindrance. Acoustic run-throughs can be nice but next time, I'd be curious to see what Oliverio could offer if he fleshed out his delivery a bit more.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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