The Petit Project

Album Title: CheeROCKracy
Release Date: March 15, 2005
Genre: CheeROCKracy
Burlington's Petit Project deserve a lot of credit for putting out an vacuous album of pop/punk that definitely doesn't suck, has a great sense of humour and is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. The awesome-ly titled CheerROCKracy is their latest and its eight tracks that recall the loopy power pop of the New Pornographers, the smoothed-over power chords of Weezer and the good time spiel of the Go-Go's. Twin vocalists Scott Komer and Alison Morris trade verses through out and do a great job of capturing those teenaged nuances that left most of us old folks years ago. Lots of boy/girl stuff on tracks like "Used To Be Alone" and "99 Lives". But the REAL treat is the cheerleader cameos on "3 Cheers 4 Me" and "When Scott Got Dumped"ódefinitely the best of its kind since Toni Basil. And by the time the exceedingly cute "Girlington" closes things out, the Pettit Project have provided enough saccharine to give your dentist a coronary. The attitude and originality of cheerROCKracy is completely infectious, and sure to put a smile on even the most sullen mug.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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