One Star Hotel

Album Title: Good Morning, West Gordon
Release Date: November 23, 2004
Genre: Alt-Country
Hardly one of the more remarkable sophomore releases in recent years, Good Morning, West Gordon is an OK but ultimately unremarkable collection of grain-fed alt-country hokum. The band, Philadelphia's One Star Hotel, definitely wear their respective hearts on their respective flannel sleeves but the material is just a smidge too familiar to warrant multiple listens and/or awards and/or recognition. Recalling Wilco, Counting Crows and Blue Rodeo, this style of music has been done to death and there is very little to distinguish GMWG from like-minded bilkers. On the positive, it's a well-produced album and singer Steve Yutzy-Burkey has got that gruff vocal delivery to a tee. However, the oddly-timed string fills have all the impact of moist towelette. This definitely isn't Yankee Hotel Foxtrot but it's seems One Star Hotel did their darnedess to approximate it.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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