Blink 182

Album Title: Self-Titled
Release Date: November 17, 2003
Genre: Pop
It's unlikely that you're unaware of the premise that underpins Blink 182's new self-titled album. For those of you that have been living in a pop culture black hole, it's basically that this is Blink's coming of age, as apparently it's just not cool for a bunch of baby-making near 30-year olds to sing about shits and dicks anymore.
But thankfully it's not a disaster by any means. Beyond the debate of whether Blink should have taken this move away from chuckling about dog sodomy, lies a fairly classy and enjoyable record that benefits from the clear effort and devotion invested by its creators.

The two-minute Sick Jacken-produced 'Fallen Interlude', a trancey electronic instrumental, seems like a fairly extravagant way for Barker to show off his admittedly fantastic drumming, and edges a little close to Radioheadesque indulgence. But in single 'Feeling This', the multi-directional 'Violence', and the barefaced 'Go', Blink show that they can retain their infectious and endearing qualities while recording music of a more thoughtful calibre.

The excellent 'Stockholm Syndrome' is a further proper-rock graduation following 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket's' 'Stay Together For The Kids'. And while pretty efforts 'I Miss You' and 'I'm Lost Without You' are a tad crappy teen romance movie, they definitely go some way to proving the diversity of the boys' talents.
'All of This' wins the award for strangest collaboration, featuring as it does vocals from the Cure's Robert Smith alongside DeLonge's coarse twang. But it's also a desperately powerful song, nurtured through hours of input and separate recording sessions to make it unidentifiable from the band who were still crying for everyone to get out their poo at this year's Reading Festival.

And while the live jokes may well live on, rock's favourite Never Never Land incumbents appear to be finally flying the roost with unprecedented style.

Writer: Tim Newbound

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