Album Title: Pink Pill Program
Release Date: November 28, 2004
Genre: Electropop
Bradley is Brad Ferguson, a Vancouver-based musician-for-hire who's shared stages with Econoline Crush, Tom Hooper, Lily Frost, and played on albums by a bunch of bands whose named I just forgot. Using the cryptic stage name Bradley (???), he has recently released a debut solo full-length entitled Pink Pill Program. A very druggy name yes, yet the music that Bradley plays is packaged in small enough doses that it's fairly easy to stomach. Pink Pill Program is a unique album because it sounds largely electronic but the songs are pure singer/songwriter confessionals. Grinding beats and weirdo electronic effects punctuate songs of love and lost. Honestly, it's tough to gauge whether this album sounds modern or completely regressive, because the arrangements are pretty tinny and sparse. But that's probably the idea. Worse living through technology, I suppose. "So High" recalls the tamest of Nine Inch Nails material while tunes like "All I See" and "Girl on TV" sound like fellow electro-infused acts like Garbage and Frog 90. An interesting debut to be certain but as a point of preference, Bradley might do well to strip away things even further and really lay on the vocals over the softest beats ever broken. As is, Pink Pill Program isn't robust enough to really be considered an electronic album proper but not sparse enough to really have any emotional impact with the listener. It just sounds like some guy fooling around on his laptop, throwing in some vocals and dubbing thee "the album". Should be interesting to see where this goes anyway.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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