Colin Priestner

Album Title: Blatant Hypocrite
Release Date: February 23, 2005
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Looking more like an oversexed college student than a musician, Colin Priestner has the good looks that make school girls squeal and middle-aged housewives buckle at the knees. But this former tennis star and singer/songwriter isn't just a pretty face÷or pretty service victory, as it were. Blatant Hypocrite is his debut EP and it's a super sounding six song slice of post-teen angst from this Edmonton-reared talent. Channeling the acoustic guitar and harmonica-drawn spirit of Bob Dylan, Priestner strums through six tracks of country-influenced folk rock with the vigour and professionalism of a musician six months his elder. His music works best when he blackens the shiny sheen, and slows things down a bit, as he does on "Save Me", and "Born Again Virgin." Both are plaintive mid-tempo swigs at the old love jug, and Priestner's distinctive vocals make for good contrast to his rhubarb rhymes and plucky strums. But here's the rub: a tune called "I'm Leaving You." What may be seen as a clever post-modern romp for some will be a second coming of Billy Joel's embarrassing "We Didn't Start the Fire" for us cynical folk. Namedropping Madison Square Gardens, eBay or other pop culture touchstones in rapid successions may seem like a good idea on paper but on tape, it's a squirm-worthy exercise. So yeah, five outta six ain't bad.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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