Bloc Party

Album Title: Silent Alarm
Release Date: March 28, 2005
Genre: Rock
The most hyped band to come out of the UK since the last one, Bloc Party are set to engulf America in a spit storm of paranoid chants and shoe top mantras. Silent Alarm is their debut long player and its unlucky thirteen tracks paint a dim portrait of modern day Britain, all recreational refuge and dried pigeon scat. Yet somehow, the members of Bloc Party manage to meld the sadness into madness, and a dance party erupts in the balance. Perhaps vocalist Kele Okereke is to blame. His minced words pierce the fog like a siren and when he talks about walking into the furniture, you just know he's not referring to some lame chesterfield reno. "Banquet" looks to be the commercial radio conduit this time out and while it's doubtful it'll have the legs to become this summer's "Take Me Out", it is nevertheless a brilliant specimen unto its own. "Helicopter" and "She's Hearing Voices" are the other UK singles but there's plenty of other sustenance to this steak, including "The Pioneers", a creepy crawler that has nothing to do with frontiersmen and everything to do with nothing. And just when you find yourself palpating at a decent clip, Bloc Party pull back the reigns a touch with the less frenetic "So Here We Are" which sounds positively placid in the midst of this mire. But don't kid yourselfóthe sole aim of Silent Alarm is to wind you up and leave you in a tizzy and it does just fine in this regard. Between the squalling guitars, sullen themes and yelped vocals, it is definitely not an album for those with a faulty ticker. But if you're looking to make hay with the cool kids or maybe just twitch a little, it's time to meet this album.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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