God Made Me Funky

Album Title: God Made Me Funky
Release Date: February 23, 2005
Genre: Funk
In a sea of rotten fish guts, Toronto's God Make Me Funky is like a seriously bottom-heavy grouper, just looking to make it in this crazy, mixed-up ocean of salt water and krill. Eight members strong and many more in spirit, the music of GMMF is kinda ethereal, kinda thoughtful and more than anything else, a boatload of big freakin' fun. The band was born out of the vibrant fusion scene that seemed omnipotent in the late 1990's Toronto. And it took close to 10 years for GMMF to release this, their eponymous self-titled debut. But with good reason, because these are definitely joints best enjoyed in person and GMMF chose to focus firstly on their stage showótheir bread and lung butter, if you will. On record, it's about mood and celebration and feeling. God Made Me Funky does a great job at approximating the energy of the band's live performance and in doing so, recalls the hybrid hijinks of George Clinton, De La Soul, and the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir. Ex-Raggadeath/Len rhymer PHATT al is front and centre through out, pitting rhymes against grooves in a spirited bout of Phunko-Roman wrestling. The lead single "If Ur Funky" is proof positive, featuring a goofy "If you're funky and you know" refrain broken down into some saccharine-fuelled b-boy slop. Better yet is "Bartenda", all call-and-response against a backdrop of Isaac Hayes-style bass and awful bliss. Yet if funky hip-hop ain't you're speed, there's plenty of else on God Made Me Funky to satiate that rumble down below and to appease even the most cleffed of palates.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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