Album Title: Pink Razors
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Punk
Are you bothered by whining N-emo rubbish? Does Indie rock n' roll leave you cold? If the answer is yes then you can't wait another minute, get off your butt and find some professionalsÖ the uplifting power-pop of Chixdiggit may be a useful starting line.

Returning after a five-year hiatus, Canadian four-piece Chixdiggit! are back to drop their new LP Pink Razors on an eager following and put the band's trademark comedic spin on issues such as meeting girls on the Internet andÖtheir favourite discount store.

Kicking off with discount dialectic, Welcome To The Daiso, the band immediately re-establish their talent for the simple, three-chord punk song; cruising through this anthemic and attention-seeking opener in under two minutes. This is a theme continued throughout with only one track breaking the three-minute barrier, cunningly allowing you to listen to a whole opus while waiting for your kettle to boil - genius!

Geocities Kitty is vocalist K.J's ode to Internet lovin' and is almost certainly a track Bowling For Soup will be livid they didn't think of first. Typically comedic lyrics that are peppered with social commentary, coupled with a charmingly simple guitar riff equate to this track exemplifying what Chixdiggit! Is all about. While other bands over a decade old could easily sound like out and out perverts if singing about meeting girls on the net, Chixdiggit! have managed to retain their refreshing high school innocence and humour, a definite reason to give them a listen if you're looking to bust those N-emo blues.

Pink Razors is, without doubt, the sound of a band looking to re-inject some fun into music, and while this is generally an accomplished and enjoyable listen; it is let down by its reliance on a constant blueprint, leading to a repetitiveness that could irritate with repeated listens.
The three-chord formula has produced some of the most well-known and respected tracks in music history, but a little diversity never hurt anyone.
Still, it could be worse; Busted could reform and have another stab at killing guitar music; though I think Chixdiggit! would comfortably show them to the exit, then probably write a kickin' track about it!

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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