Album Title: Blamethrower (Single-Download Only)
Release Date: April 18, 2005
Genre: Rock
A note to the uninitiated: with the release of debut album "Racecar Is Racecar Backwards", Reuben were 2004s 'next big thing' and a razor sharp alternative to the stagnant emo scene.

Yet, here we are in mid-2005 and they are a band that remains Britain's best-kept secret÷confused?

Despite being criminally ignored by the mainstream circles in the past, this year promises to see Reuben dragged further into the limelight as they release their second full length "Very Fast, Very Furious".

They kick off their crusade with the blistering new single "Blamethrower", available on download only from April 18th on Xtra Mile Recordings.

With "Blamethrower", Reuben angrily vent their frustrations in a bitter and unrepentantly anthemic address. A deliciously simplistic guitar riff and relentless grinding bassline seem constantly at war with your senses, only relenting for a suitably vitriolic Jamie Lenman monologue before soaring again into a fresh assault. Despite hammering home the potential of such a young band, this is a single that would not have been out of place on their debut album, perhaps highlighting a worrying lack of progression within.

But when you have a debut that was transcending the current scene a year ago, is that such an immediate problem?

The bottom line: Reuben rock, so check this out!

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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