Album Title: Pretty Mess
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Indie Dance
Kick snare, kick snare, the drum beat changes, as playful guitar riffs begin and a lovely voice escapes the speakers. This is what Bella's debut album "Pretty Mess" is, an assortment of indie-dance tracks that make you feel sexy. Pretty Mess can be the soundtrack to any situation; you could be driving on a hot summer day, or you could be walking in the city streets wearing headphones while the snow is falling. Either way, there is something sexual and poetic about Bella's music. The opening track "Go", invites you into a romantic and cozy setting, with seductive drumbeats and vocals. The members of Bella all seem like creative individuals. Cameron Fraser, Tiffany Garrett, Matt Hutchings and Charla Bent all get a chance to sing on the record, as there is no definite lead singer role. There is an inescapable intensity behind Bella's music. Even though the music seems to be relaxed and sensual÷even if you're not social, this CD will make you want to be.

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

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