Sarah McLachlan

Album Title: Afterglow
Release Date: November 4, 2003
Genre: Pop
Six years on from her 1997 album 'Surfacing', Sarah McLachlan returns with a new collection of songs that combine her effortless ability to create soulful, sultry lyrics and achingly poignant, fluid melodies that serve to linger in the consciousness. 'Afterglow' offers some archetypal McLachlan-esque sonnets, as in the inaugural track, 'Fallen', and the wistful, euphoric 'Time', whilst delving into a rich slipstream of consciousness with 'World On Fire' and 'Train Wreck'. There is freshness and vitality to the melodies, that are at turns reassuringly familiar, yet pleasantly mysterious; McLachlan is the expert in encouraging the truth in her music to be unlocked by the listener. The harmonies are exquisitely soothing, due to McLachlan's dulcet vocals, and the confident, sassy arrangements. This is easy listening in its most pure form, unencumbered by electronic superfluity; McLachlan eschews guitar in favour of piano on every track, opting for a more natural rhythm and cadence. Some albums are best heard as a background accompaniment to your primary focus; 'Afterglow', however, is best experienced with the lights down, and the volume up high, offering an invitation to a journey of revelatory discovery and affirming fulfilment.

Writer: Steve Bromby

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