Collective Soul

Album Title: Youth
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Rock
It's been awhile since we've heard from this Georgia five-piece (their last studio release was back in 2000 with Blender), but Collective Soul have certainly come back with a vengeance. From the classic saxophone solo on "Better Now" to the trippy rock inspired "Home" this is a true classic rock album for the next generation of Collective Soul fans. Lead vocalist, Ed Roland inspires with lyrics like, "love only burns when fuelled by believe" and in "How do you Love" with "the words you fear will always be the words you hear."

With the album called Youth, it is easy to see that the band is reflecting on their previous touring before their big break from the public eye, and in the same, learning from the outcomes of both of the Roland brothers dealings with divorce. Rhythm guitarist, Dean Roland says, "I was going through a divorce, Ed got a divorce÷[but] that which does not kill you makes you stronger." The band have definitely become stronger, and have made a solid come back with rock as it was meant to be played.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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