Greg Keelor

Album Title: Seven Songs for Jim
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
Losing a dad is something no son is ever ready to face, no matter what your age. In the fall of 2003, Greg Keelor ó one half of Blue Rodeo's songwriting tandem ó faced exactly this as his dad passed away. Keelor decided the best way to grieve, like most wielders of the pen, was to write it down by recording a batch of songs in memory of his father. As he describes, "this record is the map of my mourning." That's exactly what these seven songs are: a lament to a lost love, and a grown man coming to terms with this loss. Naturally, the songs fit the mournful mood; the tempo is sleepy and sorrowful, appropriate for a funeral, rather than a wake. This sequence of songs touch your soul as you grieve alongside Keelor and follow his emotional journey from the realization that his father is dying to the burial and the lingering grief of this loss. Highlights include the emotive "Are You Ready" which sees Keelor promising to stay by his father's side and guide him on his journey to the other side. He poignantly captures this emotion with this line: "I'll cry the river that carries you thru." In "Deep Bay Road" Keelor recalls summers at the family cottage, waiting for his father to arrive on the weekends, while "Just this Love," captures the difficulty Keelor faced cleaning out his dad's apartment. Overall, Seven Songs for Jim is a touching tribute by one of this country's finest songwriters.

Writer: David McPherson

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