Album Title: So Natural
Release Date: November 2004
Genre: Pop/Rock
It's great to know we have a purpose in God's eyes, and Texas-based band, Salvador say it flawlessly in "Can You Feel (The Supernatural)" - "No one here is here by chance." Fans of lead singer Nic Gonzales and Salvador alike have been waiting for the release of a new album and to get to know the new members for awhile, and they finally have a remarkable package of Latin and Contemporary Pop music that brings out the professionalism and production capability of the band. Salvador's cover of fellow Texan's Los Lonely Boys track "Heaven" begs for radio airplay; it's jumpy and fun and Gonzales owns the mic while he rocks out on vocals.

A great note about this album from Gonzales is, "there were no computer tricks; everything was made by a hand playing an instrument." Salvador is about getting everyone a fresh perspective on their faith, not the broken record version. The new members of Salvador bring a rich mix of R&B, Latin, and Jazz influence along with Salvador veterans that keep the band's focus and image alive for fans past and present. "So Natural" is a CD that zests up your day, enriches the evening, and lets you know contemporary Christian music is above all stereotypes from the mainstream when it comes to talent.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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