Jacob Moon

Album Title: Landing
Release Date:
Genre: Folk
A crystal clear recording of a live performance is always a privilege, and that's what Jacob Moon delivers. Straight out of Hamilton, Ontario, Moon is truly the light from the dark. Not only can he produce the proper amount of cadence and lyrical structure to his music, he leaves you in awe with such tracks as "We Will Overcome". A great line that lets shivers loose is the verse, "We will overcome for he has overcome." While that may not look like too much on screen, hearing it in the realm of the track is empowering to the spirit, and stands as a favourite in my books.

Moon is not only a great singer and guitarist, he truly writes beautiful music. He shows us his versatility with a bluesy performance with "Something Within Me", and lets us know about his musical inspiration through a Paul Simon cover, "Under African Skies" with the gorgeous harmonic vocals of Lisa Winn. Each song on this album brings comfort, solace, and the appreciation for fresh musical compositions that a lot of albums today seem to be lacking. Breathtaking, and just a darn good album overall.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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