Joel Geleynse

Album Title: The Rebellion of Camouflage
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Folk
Joel's music is as deep as his samplings on his engaging track, "Presupposition" which comments, "If there is no God said Dostoyevsky everything is permissible and that is exactly where we're living at the moment, in a world that denies that there is real objective moral good, that insists that all moral truth is personal and subjective, and that tolerance is a primary virtue÷each of those statements is untrue." His music reflects the contrasting values we all carry through our lives, and instead of telling us what to think, he leaves it up to us with the issues and questions he poses. I recommend watching the video for the track on his site, you'll be blown away with raw honesty. A tongue in cheek track which is really interesting and thoughtful is "Practice Your Guitar", which I'm sure several people that read this can identify with on both sides of the story.

Joel also leads an interesting life, from being a champion figure skater to living in his "mansion on wheels" that he endearingly calls his mobile home, where he now resides, and gives strength to his belief that Jesus' grace "is sufficient for me" on "There's been a Change". Joel has a mystical and inquisitive presence in his voice and an impassioned guitar that drives many of his songs. His songs are anthems of his spirit and to grasp his journey is to know Jesus firsthand.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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