Benny Lipp & the DCB

Album Title: Local, Live & Studio
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
Singer/songwriter/guitarist/percussionist/producer Benny Lippincott is the driving force behind Ohio-based band Benny Lipp & the DCB. Very much a love song to youth and all things that go with it, "Local, Live & Studio" is a rousing romp through the joys of acoustic-based coffeehouse rock. Touching on topics from resisting growing up ("Smooth Way About You") to finding strength through God ("Coming Over Me") to wondering why the girl won't shape up and take notice (the helpfully titled "Notice Me"), the band's debut studio album has a funk base that carries a grooving groove through all 13 tracks. Coming off like a gruff voiced Jack Johnson, Lippincott & Co. deserve a listen, especially on the final two tracks of the album - "Way Down" and "California" - where the band slip into the most pulled together groove on the album.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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