Roses Are Red

Album Title: Conversations
Release Date: February 23, 2005
Genre: Emo
It's sometimes the most innocuous in a crowd that can pack the most wallop. Such is the case with Roses Are Red, a plain-clothed five piece from the Trustkill Records stable. The back cover of their recently release Conversations disc reveals a handsome assortment of fresh-faced young men, albeit with a tattoo here and a necktie there. But then you pop in the disc and you're immediate blown by the phonetic fury of their tunes. Vocalist Vincent Minervino belts along in that ever-popular emotive style but there is something going on behind the scene that somehow makes Roses Are Red a bit more sincere than most. Perhaps it's some kind of unspoken kinship between brothers/guitarists Brian and Matthew Gordner that brings the goods ten times over. Whatever the case, Roses Are Red just seem stand out from many of their brethren. Maybe it's the obvious melodic heart shown on "White and Gold" and "Time Signals Progress", honest-to-goodness chunk of teen angst that gallop, chug, smoke, simmer and shout÷and snort! The album's biggest missteps come when the tempos are bumped down a notch or two, as is the case on "Oceans". But even then, the presence of an eerie keyboard tinkle on the track packs another layer of resolve up the junction. And by the time the album's title tracks closes things out, you've got the perfect capper to a more-than-decent effort.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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