Alkali Flats

Album Title: Outen The Light EP
Release Date: January 11, 2005
Genre: Indie Rock
It's good to see that ten years after the fact, high-end indie rock bands like Pavement and mid-priced marvels like Archers of Loaf haven't stopped influencing new and not-so-unusual teens. Alkali Flats fall into this category, and while their lethargic renditions of 1990's gold might not break any new ground, it's not exactly terrible either. "Outen The Light" is their new five-track EP and simmers at a decent clip, all lazy strums and sub, sub-angsty vocals. "The Visitor" speaks of a man from afar while "In this Town" is you're a-typical small town bringdown. Yup, stop me, oh-o-ho, stop me÷ stop me if you think you've heard this one before. Of course, you can forgive a band like Alkali Flat for knish-ing their idols since they're still trying to find their sea legs. The songwriting is fairly ordinary and the musicianship is solid yet unremarkable. But there's a spark of a certain something at work, and hopefully we see more of that on Alkali Flat's next effort.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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