Album Title: In My Life
Release Date: March 1, 2005
Genre: Indie Rock
Break the English and crank the back end; Sowatt are here to stay. Or rather here to say÷ something. Having toured Quebec extensively, singing and shouting in their native French, Sowatt managed to switch tongues and eek out a decent record with facilities in tact. "In My Life" is their debut English language album and there's a high degree of "aw, shucks" sincerity to this effort that make it a pretty palatable listen through and through. On the surface, this Montreal-based five piece are fairly ordinary. They max out on their guitars and bleed a yellow streak in their half-cocked odes to young girls and life as they know it. Yet unlike their fellow provincers A Simple Plan, Sowatt don't come off as wimps or puppets but rather decent fellas singing about their feelings and not being a total priss about it. Sure, "In My Life" is overflowing with that teen angst stuff that's been milked to the gills in recent years. But somehow, the dudes in Sowatt pull it off without being overly offensive. The title track especially is a totally tubular tune that has great hooks, balls and a snout. The bonus video for "Move On" is an added treat and all told, "In My Life" is a solid intro to the English market. Mon dieu, indeed.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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