Walkers Line

Album Title: From Midnight To First Light
Release Date: February 22, 2005
Genre: Indie Rock
When Andre Palmieri and Pat Leyland's alt-rock footnote left Pencey imploded three years ago, they sought refuge in their hometown of Burlington, Ontario. No, they hadn't gotten the mileage out of that "battle of the bands" victory on Jonovision and left licking their wounds from beneath the shadows of Steeltown, they nabbed a couple of friends and re-christened themselves Walkers Line, named after a street in their hometown. 2005 sees the release of their debut "From Midnight To First Light", an album of fairly unremarkable indie rock that is at least, banal and at most, well produced. Walkers Line play chunky guitar rock that falls in that grey area between faux grunge and power slop, toeing the line but not tipping its hand either way. Maybe that's a good thing. The hooks are OK and vocalist Palmieri owns a decent set of pipes that shine most surely when Walkers Line slows thing down. "Need You Back", "Better" and "Any Different" are all mid-tempo knocker that appear midway through and they're the pick of the litter. Decent tunes yes, but they probably should've been spaced out further to achieve that loud-loud-quiet-loud dynamic that gets the kid's knees knocking.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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