Little Barrie

Album Title: EP
Release Date: February 22, 2005
Genre: Indie Rock
Huh? White boy funk, streamed in from the UK on wings made of melbatoast and day olds from the sweet shop? Stranger things have happened, I guess. Truth be told, Little Barrie are a lot closer to Maroon 5 than George Clinton but to give them the benefit of the doubtóit's a style that has yet to be milked too soundly in limey land. This debut four-song EP is a fairly painless listen and while it's not exactly a world beater, it does hint at greater aim. Credit Edwyn Collins of Orange Juice fame for boning up on his producer duties, letting bass and drums take hold and tempering the Little Barrie sound into the groove. It's a clean approach that plays to the band's strengths: pissy lyrics, skanky hints and tin can percussion. Vocalist Barrie Cadogan sounds like he has a serious Stevie Wonder complex and he might be better off choosing a less obvious touchstone. That said, there's no denying the spit polish charm of "Burned Out", a cool slice of stereophonic sustenance that tends to sneak up on the listener. Likewise, "Be the One" is another pit bottom kicker that may or may not be an actual good song. What I'm trying to get at here is that I'm not too sure where and/or when Little Barrie fit in the musical climate and accordingly, I'm undecided about this EP.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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