Over It

Album Title: Silverstrand
Release Date: March 8, 2005
Genre: Pop Punk
Straight from the beaches of California, pop-rock quartet Over It pick up where the head-on collision between Hoobastank and Switchfoot was left burning on the highway. Nowhere near as bad as The 'Stank, Over It share the same affinity for overwrought ballads, and similarly Switchfoot's guitar sensibilities (which aren't half bad, to say the least). "Silverstrand" is the four-piece's sophomore effort, and introspective lyrics and harmonized "oh-whoas" prevail. After 12 tracks the songs begin to run into one another, though the band's fun-with-stereo effects makes for amusing headphone listening. Probably a better live band than albums act, Over It still easily hold their own with "Silverstrand", and it's very likely the album will end up in half-a-degree-left-of-mainstream households across the continent, if given enough time and target audience exposure.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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