Dan Peter

Album Title: Transistor
Release Date:
Genre: Alt Rock
Instilled with a DIY ethic, Alberta indie artist Dan Peter managed to create a 20-minute EP that showcases all avenues of his burgeoning solo career. Ranging from alt-country to bass heavy mope rock, the 6 songs of "Transistor" are a neat sampler of Peter's abilities. The one thing that ties all of the tracks together is Peter's undeniably great voice. It's not amazingly powerful, but it is completely memorable - his vocals are as deep as Jim Morrison's, even nearing Crash Test Dummies proportions, with a bit of Leonard Cohen's sing-speak rumble poking through. A great display, "Transistor" is very encouraging as to Peter's future outings, which will hopefully include even more adventurous full-lengths.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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