Jennifer Getz

Album Title: Makin' History
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Roots Rock
During the recording of "Makin' History" the album's producer John Herron (he worked with Juice Newton, Teresa James) was hit by a car, fell into a coma, and eventually died from the accident. Despite the obvious horrors of such an ordeal, Jennifer Getz continued on with her solo debut, dedicating it and every album after it, to Herron. Getz also wrote a song for Herron called "Bonus Track #11", which she snuck on the night before the album was mastered. Stark and drawn, the track is as heartfelt a tribute as any. It isn't the only song on "Makin' History" with such a feel, however. A tough as nails exterior, and apparently the interior to match, the introspective lyrics Getz penned for the effort are made that much more strikingly honest. The acoustic guitar only plays second fiddle to Getz's distinct, nasally vocals, and when it's all put together, the alt-country artist sounds very similar to Canadian songstress Kathleen Edwards in style and voice. That, or Bob Dylan in drag.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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