Linda M

Album Title: Pretty On The Inside
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Folk
Empowered and headstrong, yet a complete hopeless romantic (just like every optimistic female singer/songwriter tends to be), the title of "Pretty On The Inside" speaks volumes about what's contained inside Linda M and her corresponding album. Similar to a host of other AC-lite artists out there, M's defining feature is without question her voice. She's been constantly compared to Shania Twain, and it's completely valid, except M's voice sounds closer to the timbre and texture of Twain's speaking voice rather than her singing voice (it makes sense, honestly). The pop/country twist is most definitely there too, slide guitars lingering in the background of many of the album's 11 tracks. Dixie Chicks-esque violins abound ("Buried Alive") and the hard pronounced "r" sneaks in as well ("How Did You Know"). Lightweight and controversy free, AC audiences and 10-year-old girls everywhere will eat "Pretty On The Inside" right up.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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