Melissa Rebronja

Album Title: Embrace Yourself
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Pop
"Wonderwall" is apparently the standard song for a new generation, because covers of the classic Oasis tune have popped up absolutely everywhere in the past 5 years. It's a flawless song, which makes it that much harder to cover - it shows your flaws, y'see. What's wrong with branching out people? Perhaps try a little Manic Street Preachers or even Robbie Williams (as long as it's not "Angels", darn you Jessica Simpson!). As it were, Rebronja tackles The Track instead of "Rock DJ" on her debut to less than stellar results. However, she does have the branching out part down: two of her songs ("Duso Moja" and "Zasto") are sung in a beautiful Yugoslavia foreign tongue.

Nifty languages aside, most of Rebronja's lyrics are quite syrupy sweet ("I know how special you are/ I know you're magical"), but her music comes complete with a hard edge; whoever plays the acoustic on the record sounds like they're either beating the heck out of the guitar strings or their fingers. Bottom line: Rebronja doesn't have a bad voice, and she doesn't make bad music. Anyways, it doesn't matter one lick what this review says; the liner notes of "Embrace Yourself" are emblazoned with the words "The Universe is a Friendly Place. Feel the Fear and do it Anyway. Live the life you want NOW". 'Nuff said.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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