Jenn Barrett

Album Title: Live and Unplugged
Release Date: October 2004
Genre: Folk
While most live albums are easily disposable, Vancouver's Jenn Barrett managed to make her little 6-song recording of an October 2004 gig completely bearable. Recorded at Edmonton's Sidetrack Caf», the disc showcases Barrett's consistently strong and clear vocals, even with the live setting. Armed with a guitar, Barrett rips through the standard singer/songwriter set to as much success as many of Canada's other musically inclined females, like Amanda Marshall, or to a lesser extent Sarah Harmer. Also included is a studio version of a song called "Escape". The track was chosen as Barrett's signature for obvious reasons: catchy beat, empowering lyrics, and just enough twang to ensure satisfaction for the rest of the day.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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