Marc Broussard

Album Title: Carencro
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Blues Rock
Digging deep into the blues and settling down nicely there, Louisiana's Marc Broussard does his home state's legacy proud with his debut album "Carencro" (named after his hometown, as it were). Ever soulful and sexy, with lyrics to make many a female swoon, "Carencro" carries on in the blues tradition of being perfect for, uh, the more intimate moments in life, with songs like "The Beauty of Who You Are". The 11-track album also provides smashing hand-clappers that make a person wish they had more stock in the boogie bank.

Horribly embarrassing metaphors aside, "Carencro" is sure to satisfy fans of John Mayer, or better yet, Gavin DeGraw. Once in a while Broussard slips off into Justin Timberlake territory, but that can be forgiven considering the guy is actually younger than the aforementioned pop star. As it always seems to work out, the hidden track on "Carencro" happens to be the best on the album, showcasing Broussard's powerful, deeply soulful vocals. Next to that, "Come Around" contains the greatest nonsensical run since Blink-182's "na na na" obsession.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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