Album Title: The Waiting Room
Release Date: 2004
Genre: R&B/Pop
A surprising little number, Emma-Lee appears a polished pop princess at first glance, but by listening to "Hypnotized" you realize a completely divine jazz influenced musician aka Sade-esque. Emma-Lee's vocals dip in and out of what could be remixed as a superb dance track, enabling her music to be used in several markets and reach an even broader audience with ease. She has true potential for her vocals and songwriting capabilities. One does wait for her vocal energy to really revitalize the track with vibrato, but Emma-Lee isn't about showing off, she maintains a calm and collected tone with the occasional note in the heavens to show off her range. This raw and real vibration give the impression that Emma-Lee says what she needs to and makes you anxious for what influence and capacity she has on the track that follows.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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