Color Wall

Album Title: The View From Above
Release Date: February 14, 2005
Genre: Rock
Modern rock, not to fear; Color Wall are here. And that's about it. This LA-based foursome play a crunchy brand of alternative rock that's fairly shallow and easy on the ears, taking cues from sorta spacey Brits like Catherine Wheel and The Chameleons plus Yanks like The Smashing Pumpkins and Gumball (yeah, you remember Gumball). "The View From Above" is their debut full-length, which is pretty *$%&!!! odd considering they've been around since÷ 1997?!? You gotta wonder why it took them eight bloody years, though in fairness, they did release four EPs during that span. On the LP, vocalist Jeff Burgee plumes the detached cool of his vocals, which immediately distinguishes him from the squeaky-voiced new guard quite nicely. Otherwise, the guitars are punchy and while Color Wall doesn't break a whole lot of new ground style-wise, their arrangements are fairly inventive and the album is a pretty solid listen through and through. Getting back to the spacey comment of 130 words back, the best moments of the LP is also the trippiest÷ or most "far out", I suppose. Namely, "My Eyes" and "Future Psych", tunes drenched in lotsa reverb, going for that layered look that so few American bands have been able to master.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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