Island View Drive

Album Title: What Will It Take
Release Date: November 21, 2004
Genre: Rock
The brother Tower lead Island View Drive, and they don't really lead it much of anywhere, thank you very much. Hailing from Fenton, Michigan (like you're supposed to know where that is), Luke and Alec's garden variety alt-rock tripe is well played but largely devoid of anything resembling originality, making their debut long player "What Will It Take" a tedious listen at best. On the plus side, Island View Drive seem very young so here's hoping they grow some chops as they burst into their 20's. Better do it soon, though, because I don't see many folks taking a liking to the Simple Plan lite of "Footnote", and "Running in Place". Even the crappier track like "What It Is" seems to be missing something in the way of bones. Alec's vocals are OK but are very forgettable. The guitars are sorta punchy at times but gutless as a whole. All in all, too much rice and not enough meat. However, an interesting reprise is offered in the form of "Underneath the Moon", a slinky stab at Sublime-esque slowcore that bleeds into a spacey dirge jam midway through. A glimpse of the future or an utter fluke? Nobody knows at this point.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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